July 25, 2024

Dr. Meyl Scalar Wave Kit and Transporter

Dr. Konstantin Meyl first developed the experimental kit based on Tesla’s original patent. His goal was to allow anyone who is interested in scalar waves to duplicate Teslar’s original wireless magnifying power transmission experiment in a lab setting. The kit has since been evolved into a series of four products that can be used by medical researchers and practitioners. Dr. Meyl says in his manual that he is only a technology developer and a physicist, he did not provide any treatment but only the technology and tools . The medical benefits and biological interpretations of the technology and tools are up to the practitioners. This sets him free from any possible legal disputes.

Three of the products apparently designed to suit treatment application are shown in the pictures below and they are sold on his website under the names Scalar Wave Starter “SWS”, Scalar Wave Transporter “SWT”, Scalar Wave Device “SWD”. The price tags are not cheap.

Scalar Wave Starter (SWS)

The Scalar Wave Starter has one transmitter and one receiver. The biological sample is placed on the receiver, while the patient acts as the second receiver. Adjust the waveform generator’s frequency until the scalar wave is generated (LED stays ON disregard the distance between the transmitter and the receiver), the biological sample on the receiver will broadcast its information to another receiver – the patient.

Scalar Wave Transporter (SWT)

The Scalar Wave Transporter comes with one transmitter and two receivers. This design is intended to study biological information transfer between samples. The sample in one receiver broadcast its information to that on the second receiver.

Scalar Wave Device (SWD)

The Scalar Wave Device looks expensive and more professional but is basically the Scalar Wave Starter in fancy tower packages and doubles the price tag. To make more room for the biological samples, the antenna ball is moved down to below the pancake coil. The top of the tower is only the pancake coil for sample placement. This design is obviously more appealing to patients and practitioners.

Practical Applications

Bioscalar in Spain built its R&D operation upon Dr. Meyl’s scalar wave devices sold above with focus on holistic therapies and expanding to scalar wave energized homeopathic substances.