May 22, 2024

Scalar Wave Healing R&D

dna-scalar waves

Scalar wave has the fundamental issue of not being detectable using modem scientific instrument. As such, its existence and the healing effectiveness cannot be directly and rigorously verified using today’s scientific methods. It can only be “seen” in the outcomes. Understandably, this leads to many open ended questions and skepticism. When applied to healing, the situation is even difficult requiring great care. Nevertheless, there are many natural phenomena such as remote healing, remote viewing telepathy, as well as numerous claims of great healing effectiveness using scalar wave devices. Some forward thinking researchers have proposed theories, models, and calculations of scalar wave healing. There are also experiments showing how diseased cells were altered using scalar wave devices. We have to say that these models and calculations are largely speculations in today’s scientific standards. But models and theories are the good starting points. Time will tell how this will play out to either prove or disapprove them. We will accept the models that explain natural phenomena the best to go forward until there would be a better way.

How do scalar waves heal? From the scalar wave theory and experiment, scalar waves carry both energy and information traveling longitudinally and can be faster than the speed of light through any solid objects without decay. Is the energy part of the scalar waves that heals or the information that they are imprinted upon does the job? We are doing a deep dive into the supporting R&D efforts that can lead us to a better understanding of the mechanisms behind scalar wave healing.

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