May 22, 2024

This video presents an exceptionally informative exposition on scalar waves, representing a significant advancement in our comprehension of this subject matter. Tom Montalk demonstrates a remarkable degree of conciseness in elucidating the inherent potency associated with scalar waves. Within the theoretical framework of this discourse, it is crucial to recognize that electric, magnetic, and gravitational force fields are emergent phenomena originating from more fundamental fields referred to as potentials, which, in turn, derive from the foundational concept of the primordial superpotential that unites magnetism, electricity, and gravity.

Details can be found in his paper “A Brief Introduction to Scalar Physics.” and his website

Essentially, the original Maxwell’s theory includes 20 equations in 20 unknowns. Maxwell was under great pressure to simplify the math but did not finish it before he died. After his death, Heaviside and Hertz drastically simplified and truncated the theory with the introduction of the gauge conditions including Lorentz summarization and arbitrary discarding of all asymmetrical Maxwellian systems. The omission of potentials was considered of no consequence. But this truncation threw away the hidden but powerful scalar potential, make the equations simpler so that closed algebraic solutions could be found. As a consequence, the theory of scalar waves has not gained wide acceptance by the main stream science and engineering community today, and sometime it is even labeled as pseudoscience.

This omission has suppressed the scalar physics and technology from mainstream science and engineering for over 150 years. It is also likely that the scalar physics has conceivably reached a state of refinement within covert, classified projects, serving as a plausible foundation for extraterrestrial technological advancements. However, the dissemination of information on this subject to the general public has been conspicuously limited, motivated by a combination of altruistic and less virtuous motives.

To elaborate, the reluctance to disclose this information may stem from the understanding that a transition away from our fossil fuel-based economic infrastructure could potentially precipitate destabilization. Moreover, the implications of scalar weaponry, which surpass the perils associated with nuclear armaments, have provided an incentive for discretion. Additionally, the prevailing echelons of societal power have maintained their advantageous position, enjoying the benefits of this information asymmetry vis-à-vis the broader human populace.

Due to this suppression, the scalar physics is still in its infancy and will stay as a fringe science for a long time – a science that probably won’t be common knowledge for another century.


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