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Scalar Wave Experiment

Scalar Wave Experimental Study

Nikola Tesla conducted his first wireless power transmission experiment in Colorado Springs in 1899. This is the first ever experiment involved scalar wave. Nikola Tesla is therefore considered to be the father of the scalar waves. However, Tesla himself did not use the term “scalar wave” at the time. He called it “non-Hertzian” wave. Tesla repeatedly stated that his “non-Hertzian” wave is far superior to the Hertzian wave. The new waves did not fall off as the square of the distance. They can travel faster than the speed of light and penetrate objects without decay. However, since the new waves can not be detected directly using modern instrument, their existence and extraordinary power can only be verified through the method of implication during experiments.
Some scientists and engineers today have realized that scalar wave was exactly what Tesla was referring to over a century ago, so they name his “non-Hertzian” wave scalar wave, longitudinal wave, or even Tesla wave.

Tesla Wireless Power Transmission Experiment

In Tesla own words: “That electrical energy can be economically transmitted without wires to any terrestrial distance, I have unmistakably established in numerous observations, experiments and measurements, qualitative and quantitative. These have demonstrated that it is practicable to distribute power from a central plant in unlimited amounts, with a loss not exceeding a small fraction of one per cent, in the transmission, even to the greatest distance, twelve thousand miles — to the opposite end of the globe.”  

Nikola Tesla (1856 -1943) and his Colorado Springs station (middle two photos). The bottom photo is the Wardenclyffe Tower in Shoreham, New York which was never put into operation due to the lack of funding ( courtesy Wikimedia Commons).

The Colorado Springs experiment used a “magnifying transmitter” that has a large Tesla coil of 49 ft in diameter and a 30 inch copper ball on top of a 142 ft high wooden pole (middle photo above). It could generate 12,000 kV at a frequency of 30 ~150 kHz. With just several hundred kV voltage, light bulbs within 100 feet of the station glowed without any wires. The 23 ft long spark arcs seen in the photo were not part of the operation by design, but the byproduct of the high voltage effect between the transmitter and any conductive materials such as metals, water, or people nearby. The detrimental effects of the powerful high frequency current on electrical equipment were also observed 6 miles away.

Tesla’s wireless power transmission experiment was based on his own US patent
System of Transmission of Electrical Energy No. 645,576 dated March 20, 1900 which was filed on September 2, 1897 [1]. As shown in the diagram below, it consists of a voltage boost transformer as the transmitter and a voltage step-down transformer as the receiver. The transformer here is not the conventional transformer as the secondary coil is not a closed circuit, it is known today as “Tesla coil”. Both Tesla coils in the transmitter and receiver are constructed similarly except the winding direction of the coils. One end of the big coil is connected to a big metal ball D or D’ as over-the-air radiating or receiving element, and the other end is connected to the earth’s ground. This is the “secret” scheme behind many scalar wave healing machines on the market today.

Tesla US patent No. 645,576 – System of Transmission of Electrical Energy

Tesla envisioned that as long as the AC source G injects current into the earth at the exact frequency that resonates with the earth, the earth’s electrical charges would be made available anywhere in the world that amplify that AC source. The earth’s rarefied upper atmosphere acts as the current transfer channel which allows receiving Tesla coil with buried ground connection anywhere around the globe to close the loop and pick up the resonant energy. This earth resonance was later formally known as Schumann resonance in 1952 [2] at frequency of 7.83 Hz. Schumann resonances occur because the Earth’s ionosphere and the earth’s surface forms a closed waveguide cavity. This cavity can be naturally excited by electric currents in lightning. Tesla accomplished this resonance using the Tesla coil.

To prove his grand vision and with J. P. Morgan’s initial $150,000 financial backing, Tesla scaled up the experiment to build a pilot power plant called the Wardenclyffe Tower in Shoreham, New York. However, the Wardenclyffe Tower was a failing project. In December 1901, only a few months after construction began, a competing scientist named Guglielmo Marconi showed the world a low cost way to send the first trans-Atlantic wireless telegraph. Tesla wanted to change the plan to build an even bigger transmission tower. He asked more funding, but J. P. Morgan refused and the project came to a halt. Later, Tesla was in foreclosure and the Wardenclyffe Tower project was completely abandoned.

Later in 1927, Tesla Tesla explained the discovery of his Colorado experiment in a paper World System of Wireless Transmission of Energy [3]. Without giving lots of details, he made the following claims: “…. under certain conditions the current was capable of passing across the entire globe and returning from the antipodes to its origin with undiminished strength. ….. with an efficiency as high as ninety-nine and one-half per cent.” Particularly, the speed of the wave can be greater than the light speed: “The wave starts with a theoretically infinite speed, slowing down first very quickly and afterward at a lesser rate until the distance is about six thousand miles, when it proceeds with the speed of light. From there on it again increases in speed, slowly at first, and then more rapidly, reaching the antipode with approximately infinite velocity. The law of motion can be expressed by stating that the waves on the terrestrial surface sweep in equal intervals of time over equal areas, but it must be understood that the current penetrates deep into the earth and the effects produced on the receivers are the same as if the whole flow was confined to the earth’s axis joining the transmitter with the antipode. The mean surface speed is thus about 471,200 kilometers per second — fifty-seven per cent greater than that of the so-called Hertz waves — which should propagate with the velocity of light if they exist.”

Meyl’s Tesla Wireless Power Transmission Replicat Kit

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Konstantin Meyl built a small version of Tesla’s wireless power transmission kit [4] that allows anyone to replicate Nicola Tesla’s Corolodo Springs magnifying transmitter experiment in a lab setting.

Dr. Meyl’s wireless power transmission lab kit

The kit duplicates the exact experiment that Tesla did one century ago but in a much smaller scale. The circuit diagram (shown below) is the same one that Tesla used. With this kit, one can experiment how energy can be magnified due to scalar wave that travels faster than the speed of light. A video interview below with Dr. Meyl explains how the kit works.

In the kit, a function generator is in place of a spark gap generator in Tesla’s experiment. The operating voltage is only 2 volts in stead of 600 kV in Tesla’s experiment. Note that a typical function generator has a source impedance of 50-ohms and current capability of less than 100-mA, whereas the pancake coil has a resistance of ~ 10-ohms, the function generator can not drive the pancake coil directly. It needs to have a buffer amplifier capable of outputting 1-A current or more to drive the coil.

During the experiment, one can find two resonances: one is Hertizan wave resonance at 4.67-MHz, another is scalar wave resonance at 7.71-MHz. The difference is that at Hertizan resonance, the LED light at the receiver can be shielded, whereas at scalar wave resonance, the LED at the receiver can not be shielded at all. Since the distance is the same, speed is equal to distance multiplied by frequency, the speed of the scalar wave can be found to be v = 7.71/4.67 = 1.65 c – the same conclusion that Tesla found 100 years ago.

The earth connection wire between the two pancake coils is used to duplicate Tesla’s earth connection. But it can be completely removed to show that the wireless power transferred is completely real.

Over unity effect can also be experimented using the kit. Dr. Meyl did warn that the system tend to saturate. Since the energy drawn from the scalar wave is small, a small input voltage in the milliwatt range can see COP near 100%. But when increasing it too high, the over unity effect may not be visible.

The kit can also expanded to use two or more receivers. Since the transmitter and receiver are 180-deg out of phase, the phase difference between two receivers is 0-deg. With this, one can experiment with one biological sample that is killed putting on one receiver and broadcasting its characteristics to the other sample on the second receiver to reverse it. For example, a dead cancer cell can be put on one receiver and broadcasted it to that on the second receiver to kill it. This concept has significant medical implication where scalar wave is used to treat a patient.

There are two type of scalar waves: the electric scalar waves and magnetic scalar wave. The top of the antenna where the metal ball is has the strongest electric strength and so exit the electric scalar waves (Tesla Waves). The bottom of the antenna where the pancake coil is has the weakest electric strength and so the magnetic strength is at its maximum. This is where the magnetic scalar waves (Meylianas scalar waves) exist. The cells in the biological systems communicate with each other by means of magnetic scalar waves, and that is why biological samples are placed on top of the pancake coil of the receiver during a biological experiment.

A final note from Dr. Meyl is that Scalar wave is always a compliment to the Hertzian wave. An antenna with Hertzian wave efficiency of 80% is accompanied by a 20% loss or noise which is actually scalar waves. With cellphone getting smaller, the antenna efficiency is reduced to 50% or lower, meaning that more is lost as noise in the form of scalar waves. Since human body cells communicate through scalar waves, the scalar waves can reach the cells through tunneling effect, and damaging to the cells can result. How to avoid damaging effects and achieve beneficial effects? He did not clarify this in the interview. An obvious answer appears to be encoding the scalar waves with the correct information such as broadcasting nutrient information similar to broadcasting information of the cancer cells that have been killed.

In document [4], Dr. Meyl warns that if a transmitter operates openly without a receiver to absorb the scalar wave energy, the danger exists that the transmitter can get into resonances with any biological systems such as human bodies, and this resonance or interaction range is infinite in theory. Undetected, an acute danger of electromagnetic pollution can occur to humans. Therefore, despite medical purposes, the operation of a scalar wave transmitter must not be abused to use humans as a receiver. It needs to be in control and make certain that the sending scalar wave power is completely received and absorbed by the intended receiver.

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